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How do I remove requests from my inbox that I can't accept?

Your inbox is key to running a successful business—especially when it comes to managing requests that you're unable to book. If you receive a request you can’t accept, you should do the following:

  • Promptly respond to the client from your inbox via Rover Messages.
  • Decline the request by archiving it. This not only keeps your inbox organized, but it also informs your client that you won’t be accepting the request.
Note: Keep in mind that an unbooked request in your inbox may affect your profile visibility for the dates the client requested. To ensure that you appear in search results for those dates, make sure you accept or decline the existing request in your inbox first.


How to decline and archive a request

How to unarchive a request

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How to decline and archive a request

1. Navigate to your Inbox and select Pending Requests.

2. Locate the owner's request and select Decline and archive.

3. Select a reason from the dropdown menu for why you were unable to book with this client, then select Save.

4. The request will then be moved to the Archived Requests tab. You can undo this action by selecting Undo.


Note: At this time, archived conversations cannot be deleted from your inbox.

How to unarchive a request

You can also unarchive the request if you change your mind and decide to book it. Here’s how:

1. Go to your inbox and select Archived Requests.

2. Locate the request you want to unarchive, then select Unarchive.

The request will be moved to the Pending Requests tab where you can continue and book as normal.

Additional information about archiving requests

You’ll never be penalized for declining requests that aren’t compatible with your preferences and calendar availability. Keep in mind that any request you archive from your inbox means that you've declined it.

If you frequently decline requests for days that you've listed as available on your calendar, then it may impact your booking score over time. To learn more about sitter performance scores, check out this article.

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