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Is my sitter profile approved?

Rover will email you once your profile has been approved, but there are a couple of other ways to check on your profile’s status, which we'll review below. 


Profile banner

If you log into your Rover account on a computer or mobile browser, and you’ve recently been approved, you’ll see the banner below. This means your profile is live and owners can contact you! Note: this banner will disappear once your profile has been live for a couple of weeks.



View profile

You can also confirm your profile's approved and live by viewing it. Here's how: 

1. Log into your Rover account on a computer or mobile browser.

2. Navigate to your Dashboard by selecting your name in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select View Profile in the upper left side of the screen.


4. Check the rates section of your profile, in the right side of the screen.

  • If your profile is approved and your background check has been passed, the rates section will look like this:


 This means your profile is live and clients can begin contacting you!


  • If your profile isn’t approved or your background check hasn’t been passed yet you’ll see the text “coming soon” next to the services you offer:


Not sure why your profile isn't live yet? Check out these articles to get a better understanding of your profile's status:

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