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Becoming a sitter: Frequently asked questions

Rover connects pet parents with dog and cat lovers who will treat their pets like family. If you're interested in becoming a pet sitter or dog walker, check out the resources below to learn more about the signup process.

A few important things to know before you get started:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become a sitter and dog walker on Rover.

  • Sitters and walkers on Rover are considered independent contractors. This means that you'll be running your own small business on Rover and won't be considered a Rover employee. 

What are the service fees?

Do I need to be licensed or bonded to be a dog sitter?

Can I use my Rover account as both an owner and sitter?

How do I get paid for bookings, and when?

How does the sitter review process work?

How do I become a pet sitter or dog walker on Rover?

How do I submit a background check?

How long will it take Rover to review my profile?

Why hasn't my background check been processed yet?

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