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How do I modify or remove my services?

If you want to change which services you offer, you can easily add, remove, or temporarily turn them off from your sitter profile.


Modifying services

1 Sign in to your Rover account and click here to get to the service management page.

2. To make a service unavailable for new and existing clients, tap the toggle icon next to Active from left to right.

3. If you still want existing clients to book this service with you, you can activate the Away setting instead. This will hide the service from search so new clients can't book with you.  Tap the toggle icon from left to right.

4. Select Save to finalize your changes.

Removing all services

If you no longer want to offer pet care services, you can deactivate all of your services and continue to use your Rover account as a pet owner. 

Note: Keep in mind that you'll need to contact Rover Support if you decide to reactivate your sitter/walker services in the future.

To remove all services:

1. Select all toggles next to each service to turn them gray. You'll see a pop-up window prompting you to confirm these service deactivations.

2. To proceed, select Yes, please deactivate my services.


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