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How do I review my payments from my Rover bookings?

Keeping track of your payments through Rover is easy. You can view payment details (like stay price, tips, and Rover fees) on every stay or walk you’ve booked from the Payment History section of your account. Here's how:


1. Navigate to your Dashboard by selecting your name in the upper right corner of your screen. 

2. From your dashboard, select View Payments & Promo Codes.


3. Your payment history is broken into five tabs: Earnings, Pending Earnings, Withdrawals, Payments, & Other. Each tab has a complete list of all corresponding payments or bookings. They are sorted by date.


4. On the right side of the page you’ll also see your wallet balance, upcoming earnings, processing payments, and withdrawal history.


Here’s a breakdown of each section on the Payment History page:

Earnings All of your completed bookings
Pending Earnings

Your current or upcoming bookings that haven't been paid out yet. This is the amount you'll receive after Rover fees have been deducted.


Funds that you’ve transferred out of Rover


Bookings that have been completed for your own pets to a Rover sitter.

Other Coupons, background check fees, and reversal of service deposits


Note about reversal of service deposits: This happens when a partial or full refund is issued for a service that a sitter has already withdrawn funds for. This typically occurs when a sitter withdraws funds for a stay that is either shortened or canceled and requires Rover to issue a refund to the client.

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