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What are sitter performance scores?

Sitter Performance Scores give you a sense of how you’re performing compared to other sitters and walkers on the platform, and they influence your profile ranking in search. The higher your score, the better your placement in relevant search results on Rover.

Your scores are private and can only be viewed by you.

Types of scores
Viewing performance scores
Improving your booking score
Improving your repeat score

Types of scores

Each of the services you offer have two types of scores: a booking score, and a repeat score.

Booking score

This score consists of your overall booking rate, which looks at the number of new clients who contact you for the first time and measures that against how many of them end up booking with you and leaving you a positive review. This score only considers requests that align with the profile preferences and calendar availability in your profile, which you can change at any time. 

Repeat score

Your repeat score tells you how often your first-time clients book with you again. If you haven’t booked enough repeat clients to generate a score yet, then it may appear in gray.

Repeat client count

This count appears on your public sitter profile. This reflects how many clients have booked with you more than once across all services you offer.

Viewing performance scores

You can view these scores from your sitter account on a computer by selecting your name in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting View Performance Scores.

If you offer more than one service, you’ll have a different score for each one. Toggle between them by selecting the dropdown menu next to Your Performance Scores.

Toggle between them by selecting the dropdown menu next to Your Performance Scores.

Note: If you see N/A as a score for one of your services, then it might you haven’t received or booked enough requests to generate a score yet. As you book more requests and build repeat bookings with clients, you’ll eventually receive a score for that service.

Improving your booking score

Here are some ways to ensure that you receive a high booking score :

  • Respond to every request you receive in a timely manner, even if you’re unable to accept the request. Being communicative is key to running a successful business. It also ensures that you maintain a high response rate.

  • Book as many requests as you can accept. This will help you maintain a high booking rate.

  • Encourage clients to leave reviews. Positive reviews not only factor into your performance scores, but they also demonstrate your trustworthiness to new clients.

  • Regularly update your calendar to ensure that it reflects your availability. Learn how.
  • Create an inviting, authentic, and thorough profile that details your preferences.

Improving your repeat score

Here are some tips to encourage pet owners to book with you again:

  • Send frequent photo and text updates to your clients during bookings.

  • Be accessible and communicate often with your clients.

  • Provide 5-star care, whether it’s your first or 10th booking with a client.

  • Give loyal clients a heads up about your availability before busy seasons or vacations.

  • Ask clients to book with you again next time.

  • Never accept cash or checks—always book on Rover. Learn more.


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