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What are the badges on sitter profiles?

The badges displayed in Rover search results and on sitter profile pages are visual symbols of their love of dogs and commitment to high-quality care.

You’ll spot other badges on Rover—as well as a few ribbons—but the most important are the Background Check and Rover 101 badges.

The Background Check badge shows that the sitter has completed a background check. Rover offers them as a way of showcasing the sitter’s credibility and reliability.

To learn more about what’s in a background check, see What does the background check look for?

The Rover 101 badge means that the sitter has taken and passed the Rover 101 quiz—and has demonstrated the knowledge it takes to give your dog the excellent care you expect and deserve.

If you see this badge, you’ll know the sitter was once part of our Rover Pack program. The program is no longer active, but Rover Pack sitters were part of a special group offering reliable care for last-minute requests. Today, we have thousands of sitters available to offer pet care, whenever you need it—check out our search page to get started.

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