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What services are offered on Rover?

On Rover, you can book the following services:

  • Dog Boarding: Your dog stays overnight in the sitter’s home.
  • House Sitting: Sitters watch your dog overnight in your home.
  • Doggy Day Care: Drop off your dog at your sitter's home in the morning and pick them up in the evening.
  • Dog Walking: Your dog gets a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood.
  • Drop-In Visits: Sitters stop by your home for 30 minutes to feed and play with your dog.
  • Virtual Dog Training: Your dog gets one-on-one virtual training from a certified training professional through GoodPup. This service is operated independently from Rover through a separate website. Learn more here

Rover offers sitters and pet parents the flexibility to customize their experience for each service. You and your sitter or dog walker may agree on something different depending on your pet's needs. Before booking a stay, we recommend communicating those expectations ahead of time with your sitter or dog walker so you're both in agreement on the type of care your pet will receive.

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