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Do you accept cats and other animals?

At Rover, our love for animals extends way beyond dogs. So while dogs are at the heart of what we do, you’ll find sitters on Rover who care for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals. 

Note: There are some pets such as venomous snakes or horses, that aren’t the best fit for Rover—check out our Terms of Services to learn more about these types of animals.

As you would for a dog, simply create a profile for each pet and book the service through Rover. You'll see the option to select Dog or Cat under Type of pet. For other animals, select Other pets in the dropdown menu under Breed(s).

Tip: Certain animals will require a sitter who can come to your home. Your goldfish, for example, may not be easily transported. Just a guess.


How to find a sitter who offers cat care

1. Go to and select the Search Sitters button.


2. Enter your zip code of address at the top of the page. Select the magnifying glass icon.


3. On the left side of the page is a list of filters. Beneath Additional Services check the box next to Cat care.


Browse sitters in your area who offer cat care. Visit sitter profiles to learn more about them and select the Contact button to get conversations started.

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