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How do I change my payment method for a booking?

Once a service has been booked and confirmed, it isn't possible to change the payment method for the booking. To learn how to update your payment method for future bookings, check out this article

If you've just submitted payment for your service and your sitter hasn't accepted the booking yet, you can cancel your booking request and re-submit the request with a different payment method. Here's how: 

1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the conversation icon.

2. Select the Pending Requests tab and then select the request you want to modify.

3. Once the request is open, locate the gray box that lists your service details. Select Modify or Cancel Request. This will void your authorized charge.


4. Select Book It Now--you'll be redirected to the Checkout page.


4. Below Credit and Debit Cards, remove any undesired card by selecting the to the right of the card info. Add your new card by selecting Add Card.


5. Ensure that your desired card is selected, then select Request to Book to submit payment. 


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